Gran Finds Box Of S*x Toys Tidying Granddaughter’s Bedroom

Oh boy, this is just about peak embarrassment.

So this is the story of how a grandmother offered to clean her young granddaughters bedroom.

Apparently the grandmother enjoys doing things like that, so her granddaughter let her go ahead.

But… she forgot about her collection of ‘handcuffs’ and …. other toys in the bedroom.

Amazingly, the gran had an incredible response to the discovery and instead of causing a ruckus, she decided to box them up and place them in her wardrobe.

Writing online, Twitter user, Ellsohare, wrote:

My nans sorting my wardrobe out for me (she loves doing shit like that) and I forgot my giant box of handcuffs, d*ldos, lube, b*tt plugs (basically a load of s*x shit) was in there and she’s just come & said to me ‘Ive put your s*x box under your bed is that ok’


But that’s not all…

She also found some of her outfits too – and amazingly, it was caught on camera.

The granddaughter found the entire thing hilarious and decided to upload the whole ordeal to Twitter where it went super viral.

At the time of writing, the original tweet has over 50,000 likes.

If only we all had a nan this cool about everything.

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