Get Halloween Ready With A “Plant-Based” Burger Costume

It’s strange that over the years, Halloween costumes have gone from scary to… “sexy”.. i mean just about anything can pass for a costume now can’t it?

You can dress as a Crayon or even a sexy carrot. It kind of depends on what you define ‘sexy’ as but yes… these are the kind of outfits we are dealing with nowadays.

Costume designers in 2019 have definitely taken things to the next level with this new idea…

Yandy, an online retailer focuses on giving people out of the box outfits and have recently released a new addition to their extensive costume line-up.

The lingerie specialists now offer their customers a “sexy plant-based burger”. Yep.

Yandy’s website reads:

“You may think this is impossible, but it’s not! Be the yummiest artificial patty between buns in this exclusive Beyond Burger costume featuring a tan tube dress with a speckled bust seed print, a ruffled lettuce trim with a burger patty print, a ruched bust and skirt, a curve-hugging fit, and a matching headband with PLANT BASED printed on a red flag with a brown puff accent.”

The costume is probably great for Vegans who want to spread the plant based life word.

Oh and you can also get a “cauliflower pizza” costume, which the company describes:

“Dreaming of carb heaven without the calories? Crust me, this one’s worth it. Top off your look with this exclusive Cauliflower Pizza costume featuring a tan suede tank dress with a square neckline, a pizza print with basil, mushrooms and tomatoes, a thick crust collar with an open center, a concealed back zipper, and a matching headband with a PLANT BASED red flag and a brown puff accent.”

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