Free Haircut Turns Homeless Man Into ‘Model’

Jason Schneidman is one of the hottest barbers in all of the US – but he doesn’t only cut the hair and sculpt the bears of the rich and famous.

No, Jason also spends a fair bit of time on the streets – helping to make the homeless look presentable and stylish in an attempt to help them get their lives back on track.

Dozens of videos on Jason’s Instagram, The Men’s Groomer, show him taking time to give free haircuts to those on skid row, but a recent re-post is his biggest video yet.

The video shows a man known only as Michael with long hair and a long beard. The caption claims Michael has been struggling with addiction for some time.

In the clip, Michael can be seen getting a lot of hair shaved off and put into a fade style.

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His beard too is given a reshape – and at the end of the video, well… Michael looks totally unrecognizable.

Honestly, check it out for yourself, he looks just like George Clooney!

Captioning the video, Jason wrote:

So I’m Re-sharing this post of Michael, who struggling with addiction
Sorry if you’ve already seen this but I want this message to get out!
This is what THEMENSGROOMER foundation is all about!
Being out on the street doing haircuts for people and maybe being in the right place at the right time w/ the message of recovery in order to change somebody’s life.

Ready and willing to get back at it when it’s safe!

Keep up the good work Jason.

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