Forget Waiting For Christmas, People Are Now Decorating Trees For Halloween

So, many of us absolutely love getting into the Christmas spirit well in advance of the festive season… the need to put the tree up early, decorate it to your hearts content, throw some tinsel around the house, is something we all so eagerly want to do.

MAYBE some of you reading this are the type to have your Christmas tree up as early as…October?

Well people just like you are out there in the thousands, so no need to be embarrassed.

If you’re as big a Halloween fan as you are a Christmas enthusiast, then this may give you some comfort for your super early decorating.

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Why don’t you bravely follow these people by decorating your tree with a range of spooky accessories and voila… it’s legitimately a ‘Halloween tree’.

Putting up Halloween trees is an actual thing so no need to feel weird about it. People have been posting snaps of their very own Halloween trees, to their various social media pages.

One wrote:

“Happy 8th day of Halloween!! I’ve been holding off on taking a picture of our living room but its heeeeere!”

“We finally felt like it was time. I had a rough start to the month & its taking me a while to really get into the spirit but its turning around. We have some fun things planned for the rest of the month [sic].”

One replied saying:

“I am obsessed with this Halloween tree I think it is one of the most fabulous Halloween things I’ve ever seen”

“Is there anyway you could tell me where I can find this tree it looks like a candy corn yellow orange white I’ve been looking all over for one just like this.”

Are you going to put up a Halloween tree??

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