Fans Can’t Stop Laughing At Emily Ratajkowski’s Dog Staring At Her Butt

Okay, cats out the bag. Emily Ratajkowski is just about one of the hottest women on the planet.

There you have it. I said it first.

Just kidding, everybody knows that. Everybody, including her dog, so it seems.

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How do you mean? Well in a series of recent saucy snaps, fans couldn’t help but notice that Emily’s pet dog, Colombo, could not take his eyes off her butt.

I mean like really. He was star struck!

One person wrote: ‘Pup ready to risk it all’. Another joked: ‘I’m that dog!’

A third person explained: ‘That dog is living its best life!’

Image Credit: Emily Ratajkowski Instagram

A fourth said:

Even the dog can’t stop staring.

Honestly, take a look at the comment section yourself – every single comment is about poor old Colombo.

Captioning the racy photo, which shows the model and actress laying on her front in a black bikini, Emily wrote: ‘Colombo’s nickname is Bo-doe-bo FYI’.

Take a look at the photo for yourself below:

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Colombo’s nickname is Bo-doe-bo FYI

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The dog sure don’t look like it’s having a bad day.

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