Disgusting Kitchen At Hooters Is Caught On Camera

Hooters is amazing for it’s wings, fries and onion rings. The delicious food chain normally boasts happy and yummy reviews.. but have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes?

A restaurant should be clean. End of. Food safety and good hygiene should be the number one priority, as well as the taste of course..

This doesn’t seem to be the case for this Hooters kitchen, secretly filmed by a customer. The footage obviously went viral, as people are shocked to see the state of the kitchen.

Kurt Fortner who captured the footage, said:

“I proceeded to sit at the far end of the bar next to where servers receive food and drinks from behind the bar”

“My intentions were to have a few adult beverages and possibly some of their wings. To my surprise, I noticed multiple health and safety violations. Ranging from raw chicken on the floor, dirty drinks left on the counter. Even cleaning out the bottom of the fryer with the same utensils used for food service.”

“I witnessed three managers on duty two in the front of the house and one in the back of the house. That is the time I took the video discreetly without being noticed. I end up leaving without ordering any food.”

The incident took place back in November 2017 at a Hooters in Hampton, Virginia. Hopefully the restaurant have changed their ways since then? We can only hope..

The chain has gone on to open over 400 ‘breasterants’ in 28 countries. As we all know, Hooters is known for it’s servers with their low-cut tops and tight orange shorts, the “All-American Cheerleader” and “Girl Next Door” vibes.

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