Denim Speedos For Your Summer Holiday? Why Not!

Apparently, there’s been a need for a new fashion trend lately, we previously revealed the Denim Janties Shorts that were on the market, but now denim speedos, are the new must have…

Thankfully, these speedos aren’t actually made from denim, but are definitely the ‘look’ of it, because let’s face it, denim and water wouldn’t be very comfortable.

The butt-hugging item is known as the ‘Jeado’ and will have other holiday goer’s looking twice, that’s for sure.

The tightly fitted Jeado comes in three distinct denim-themed shades: the classic Daytona Dong Sarong, the jet black Houston Hog Holster and the no-explanation needed Assid Washers.

Shinesty is the company who created these denim delights, who have praised their product for being ‘quick-drying, soft and smooth on your gear’.

Product description:

“Our denim print swim brief, also known as the Jeado, also known as the Daytona Dong Sarong is just like that, except it is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world…or something like that. It is like eating a bag of chips in church.”

” Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too. And if you’re really risky you’ll combine those last 2 sentences, eating a bag of chips in church while wearing this denim swimsuit.”

“You’ll probably get tossed out, but you’ll look and taste good doing it.”

“These should be paired with caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results.”


These shorts will set you back $39.99 (£30.00). They come in sizes S through to XXL but the people at Shinesty advise they fit ‘tight’, meaning they suggest buying one size up.

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