Deadly Murder Hornets Massacre Mouse In Shocking Video

2020 is some year eh.

I remember New Years Eve. I was having a few beers and talking with friends about how the roaring twenties is finally here.

We couldn’t believe it. The band was playing and we were all pleasantly sloshed and couldn’t wait for the 20s all over again.

But then one night, when was it, January 3rd or something, I saw on Twitter that WW3 was trending, as was Donald Trump, Iran, Nuclear War, and Franz Ferdinand. Oh boy.

Then billions of animals died in an Australian bushfire that lasted months.

Then COVID-19 hit the world, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and infecting millions more.

Last week the US Government essentially revealed that UFOs are real, and nobody batted an eyelid. It’s like we’ve become immune to insanity.

And now, well murder hornets are the latest thing we have to be terrified about.

Murder Hornets are exactly what they sound like. They’re gigantic Asian hornets that can kill a human if they sting you enough times.

So you can probably imagine what they can do to insects. And many beekeepers in the US have made grizzly discoveries recently – such as bees with their heads ripped clean off.

Take a look at the video below to see just how savage these hornets really are:

I’ve been agnostic for a good few years. But 2020 sure seems to be the apocalypse alright.

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