Dead Guy Pranks Family By Playing ‘Let Me Out’ Scream Recording As They Lower His Coffin

Some people spend years planning their wedding day. They imagine what they’re going to wear, what discs the DJ will have spinning, what flavor the cake will be, and of course, who’ll they’ll be marrying.

But have you ever thought much about your funeral? If you’re thinking, “absolutely not, what a morbid thought!” then fair enough… I get it, thinking about the day you pop your clogs isn’t exactly cheery.

But one man from Dublin, Ireland gave his other “big day” a bit of thought, and the results (a hilarious prank,) meant that his family and friends managed to crack a smile on what was always to be a somber day.

YouTube/ Jay Bradley

Shay Bradley knew his days were numbered.

But the last thing this larger than life character wanted for his wife, kids, grandkids, and friends stood at his graveside in floods of tears.

That just wasn’t Shay’s style.

Twitter/ Lucky2bIrish

Thankfully, Shay had enough time before his passing to get his affairs in order. And by that I mean, he had enough time to construct the ultimate prank to play at his funeral.

It’s not unusual for people to think about what song they’d have played at their funeral. Whether you’re a “Burn baby burn,” kind of gal or more of a classical “My Way,” kind of guy, it’s likely you’ve given it some thought.

It’s true some people have pretty strange requests when it comes to their funeral. I got a text off my dad the other day requesting that his ashes get turned into a tree.

Before my grandpa passed he had asked to be scattered on this particular river he was fond of. Only when we dumped the ashes a boat went by and what was left of gramps got sucked up into the engine… I have a feeling that’s not exactly how he intended it.

Eh, expectations v.s. reality, right? What are you gonna do?

Shay Bradley’s last request went off seamlessly.

In a pre-recorded message that Shay got someone to plant into his coffin, he can be heard knocking and saying “Let me out, get me out of here.”

As you can see, everyone standing around the graveside is in stitches.

Just as Shay intended.

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