Dan Bilzerian Gets Roasted After Asking For Titles For His Autobiography

Dan Bilzerian has been left totally humiliated after asking his many, many followers to name his autobiography.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Bilzerian is potentially the 21st centuries most legendary playboy.

He’s a Lothario of sorts. A poker playing, ex-Navy SEAL, millionaire who’s always on jet skis and stuff like that, surrounded by models.

But what’s the story with him? Are they all his lovers? Is he really the legend his Instagram page suggests, or is it more tragic than that? Is everything just fake and paid for? Well, that’s what most people seem to think.

Posting to social media yesterday, Bilzerian asked:

Finished writing my autobiography, $5,000 to the best book title in the comments.

And the comments were pretty savage.

Some people were genuine, with one writing:

“Dan Bilzerian” That’s literally enough… Everyone tries to add more because their name alone may not mean enough. It’s a book. Your name is on it. Done. 

Another said:


But most of the comments absolutely roasted him.

One person wrote:

How To Turn A Trust Fund Into The World’s Longest Mid Life Crisis

Another said:

America’s Second Most Hated Man

A third commented:

Buying Life: A Memoir On Guns, Fraud, Drugs, Being Bad At Everything, And Supporting A Human Trafficking Ring

I can’t imagine he’ll be taking any of these for his autobiography title!

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