Couple Have A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Photoshoot Before Wedding

This Miami-based couple have posed for a photo-shoot cool enough to make Tim Burton himself proud.

Yep, Genesis and Kelvin decided to have a post-ceremony photo-shoot as they couldn’t quite make the budget on their actual special day.

“We didn’t really have a big wedding because our daughter has a disability,” Genesis told Insider. “Our wedding day, unfortunately, was a big flop.”

The couple have been together for ten years and tied the knot in July 2019. Their daughter suffers from cute epilepsy.

Their saviour came in the form of Monica, who runs event planning business Events with Promise. She knew how big fans of Disney Genesis and Kelvin were. They even have season passes to the theme park.

“We don’t really have time to go on dates or things like that, so for us, this shoot was just a time for us to take a step back and really, you know, practice self-care,” Genesis said of the shoot. 

“Your whole life becomes taking care of this child,” she said of her youngest child.

“You don’t notice how much time is fleeting, and although your life becomes taking care of this child, you need to practice self-love too.”

“That was something we really wanted to do on our wedding day,” Genesis said.

“Maybe it didn’t happen on our wedding day, but we did get some beautiful photos.”

Who cares it it didn’t happen on the day. What matters most is the fact you had any photos at all. These are some seriously beautiful pictures and something any couple would be lucky to have taken.

Inspo, much? We’ve suddenly got a hankering for a wedding!

Keep doing you, guys.

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