Couple Forced To Rent Out Dream Home As It’s ‘Too Haunted To Sell’

Imagine having your dream home, only to find out that it’s HAUNTED. This couple have come to the conclusion that their beautiful home they’ve always longed for is plagued by ghosts… they’ve had no option but to put it on Airbnb so people who are into paranormal activity can have their own experience there.

The unlucky home owners are Aaron and Erin Clark from Jefferson City, Missouri. They bought the stunning house, called Hobo Hill House, back in August 2017 and spent time and effort over months renovating it.

They did an incredible job as the house looks amazing inside and very stylish.

The house was originally built in 1910 and it’s clear it has a lot of history… the couple say they have encountered a number of creepy things.

Apparently lights, heaters and the kitchen sink have been known to switch themselves on and off and their dog out .has point blank refused to enter certain areas of the old house..

Alarms were raised when they realised their eight-year-old daughter started to have bad nightmares as well as SLEEP WALKING ‘as if she was possessed’. Yikes.

Oh… and they’ve also seen a tall man wearing a top hat and that voices would say ‘hi’ as they entered the house.

They bravely lived in the house for seven months until it was ubearable and had no option but to leave. Seven months too long i think!

They’re in a catch22 as they don’t want anyone having the same experience as them.. so selling is not only difficult but they’d rather not.

So instead, they’ve listed the property on Airbnb and people that the house has featured on an episode of US show The Dead Files.

Aaron said:

“We didn’t think it would be right selling to another family knowing what we know.

“We’ll just turn lemons into lemonade, and since the prison is so close and people in Jeff are interested in that sort of thing, we’ll just turn it into a short-term Airbnb and people can stay and have experiences.”

Aaron revealed that first group that booked into the home couldn’t last the whole night.

Would you stay in this haunted house?

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