Cop Under Investigation For Screaming ‘Lets Get This Motherf*****’ At Protester

A police officer with the San Jose Police Department is under investigation after shocking footage emerged of him antagonize protesters at a recent protest.

The entire USA is currently witnessing protests left, right, and centre, and rightly so – following the brutal killing of George Floyd.

Floyd was arrested by police in Minneapolis just over a week ago. He didn’t appear to be resisting arrest but he was savagely manhandled, roughed up, and finally placed on the floor with an officer’s knee placed into his neck.

Floyd repeatedly claimed that he could not breathe and did not want to die, but he was given no relief.

Protests have been getting out of hand in the USA – but this video shows just how little some police officers (certainly not all) actually care.

The officer, reportedly Jared Yuen, can be heard shouting ‘let’s get this motherf*****’ while he smiles, licks his lips, and sways side to side while heavily armed.

It’s as if Jared wants someone to say something to him, so that he can react with brute force.

One person commented on the viral video saying: ‘Take away the badge and uniform and he’s just a thug’…

These people should not be police officers.

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