Company Is Offering You $1000 To Drink Coffee For A Month

When it’s the morning, coffee will instantly help you wake up and feel like you can tackle the day. Most of us NEED it or we can’t really cope can we? Nothing like going to your favorite coffee shop and gulping down a cup of the hot stuff.

So.. if you are a coffee addict and can’t bare to go a day without it, well business.org have a dream opportunity.

The company is offering caffeine-crazy people the opportunity to taste-test coffee for a month, for the sum of $1,000. SIGN ME UP!

Before you think you’ll be tasting coffee from chains like Costa and Starbuck.. The idea behind it is for the candidate to ‘ditch corporate coffee joints for a full month and frequent locally owned coffee shops instead.’

Business.org stated that ‘a whopping 82% of businesses that fail go under because of cash flow problems’.

Their taste-tester plan is intended to raise awareness of local, tasty coffee establishments across the US, to hopefully push people to make a shift into always going for their usual options.

Now, it’s not going to be as simple as just drinking a few cups of coffee.

For this, you’ll have to visit at least eight locally owned coffee shops over the course of a month. Take loads of pictures of your beverages and write short summaries of your experiences while adequately sharing them on social media.

You also have to track and compare the cost, benefits, and potential setbacks of switching from the mega-franchise life to local shops.

Well, yes, you can, drink as much coffee as you desire doing this job.

And forget office hours.. it’s up to you to go anywhere at any time.

There are absolutely no drug or background checks, all they’re looking for is a coffee lover.

Business.org states that you’ll be paid 25% of the payment (so $250), and the rest will be paid when the job is completed. Not bad!

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