Company Asks Women To Wear ‘Period Badges’ To Alert Customers

One store in Japan has offered its female staff a period badge for them to wear at the time of the month.

Staff at the Michi Kake store, which is in the Japanese city of Osaka, have been asked if they want to wear the badges to signal to the customer when they are on the period.

The shop sells female sexual health products and by doing this they are aiming to change the stigma that surrounds periods.

The staff in the shop are not forced to wear the period badges, but if they do choose to it will be attached next to their name badges.

The badges have a cartoon character on them, Seiri-chan who is the symbol for a period and the menstrual cycle in Japan.

Whilst this might not receive a positive reaction from everyone, store manager Takahiro Imazu is aware of this. Takahiro spoke to WWD Japan and said “Not all customers will react positively to [this shop], but the fem tech boom is growing, and the values of young people are changing with it.

Online Twitter users have been expressing their thoughts.

Regardless of whether staff will get involved with the badge, they will all take part in showing customers around the store.

The store is split into four sections which all match with the cycle of menstruation.

Women will be able to buy products from here for whilst they are on their period and for once they have finished.

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