Cleaning Company Will Pay You $100 An Hour If You Clean Naked

Have you ever had a cleaner in and thought ‘would’t it be great if they semi if not fully-naked?’ Apparently lots have, cause there’s now a business catering to this specific desire.

The Naked Cleaning Company is a domestic cleaning service provider with ‘body positive beliefs’. They write: “We are a professional company with a team of driven and sophisticated individuals, offering a high quality, professional service. Our company ethos, is to have the best possible discreet service available for busy professionals throughout the UK. More information is available below.”

They offer various cleaning services from lingerie, topless to fully naked cleaners. A cleaner for everyone, they operate seven days a week.

Cleans start from £75 per hour which is inclusive of all costs of admin/ insurance/travel etc.

But are they DBS checked? “All of our cleaners go through a rigorous checking service and are fully DBS checked and certified prior to appearing on our site. Checks are undertaken by ‘Personnel Checks’ who we have partnered and built our DBS checking,” they say.

As for confidentiality, they say: “We understand the need for discretion, which is why we have confidential billing built in as standard. It costs us a lot more as a company, but we feel that this is an integral part of why our service is the best on the market.”


And if you get ‘excited’ here’s what happens: “Our cleaners are very professional and will understand that this will happen. However please respect them and their personal space. We are solely a domestic cleaning company and do not provide any sexual services.”

So there you have it. Naked people cleaning your house for an equivalent of $100 an hour. If you have that kind of money lying around would you be willing to hire these services? Or would you just feel weird?

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