Chicago House Party Video Shows Stripper Being Swarmed

Footage has emerged from yet another house party in Chicago.

Chicago seems to be the number one city in the US where folks really don’t care for social distancing.

Numerous house parties have been broken up now, one with over 1000 revelers.

This footage shows a stripper on all fours as she is swarmed by male party-goers. And no, it is not possible to give a lap dance while social distancing.

The party seemed to have several dozen guests swarming around a stripper wearing a top, but nothing down… you know where.

While it looks like the stripper got a decent pay day, it certainly is not good for her health – as coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe.

Image Credit: Malena Ellis Facebook

Another negative trend from the Windy City is that across the US, crime levels have significantly decreased as a result of lockdown. But in Chicago, crime is still increasing.

Please, can people just start distancing properly. The sooner everyone complies, the sooner we can all have parties with strippers.

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