Builder Is A Viral Sensation Thanks To His Instagram Influencer Account

Having a huge following seem’s really cool doesn’t it?… people can make a fortune off of being a social media ‘influencer’ and this builder thought he’d give it a go… because, why not aye?

Meet new instagram influencer Omar.. who may have the unlikely title but he’s killing it on the gram nevertheless. Known as @justaconstructionguy Omar is a construction worker, family man and a new star on instagram.

Only being active on the gram since the 3rd of May this year. Omar has his daughter explain the idea behind an influencer and what they have to ‘do’ and he replied:

“Pssh, I could do that.”

He was being deadly serious.

He is now boasting 393,000 followers (probably stacking them as we speak) and people love leaving thousands of comments on his posts.

Out of 18 posts he’s got the influencer look bang on. From his hi-vis look to a crane featuring the influencer-favourite caption:

‘Not the worst view’

With a hand reaching in from out of shot accompanied by lots of coffee, Omar has got this influencer life on point.

People are loving his posts, saying:

“You have killed the influencer game. It’s killed. Everyone else can stop now.”

Another said:

“I’ve never been so influenced in my life.”

People have urged the builder to never change and that in this world of influencer posts and lifestyle.. he is probably one of the best idols to come out of it! Keep it up Omar!

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