Bronx Resident Filmed Throwing Eggs At Tourists On The ‘Joker’ Steps

The seminal scene from this years Joker has got to be the moment Joaquin Phoenix dances his way down a flight of inner-city steps.

You know might have seen the film, but you’ve seen the images, the GIFs, the memes…

The Todd Phillips take on Batman’s most infamous rival is the film of the year for various reasons but this specific scene has set cinema-goers alight in a unique way.

Naturally, people are now taking to the location, which is in the Bronx district of New York City, to get a snap of themselves mimicking the villain.

But some aren’t so pleased with this; people only visiting a place for a photo-op. One young man, in particular, has been filmed throwing eggs at tourists, saying “this what jokers do.”

“Y’all not spending no money in my store,” he adds. “But come and take pictures. Get the f*** out of here!”


He isn’t the only critic of the Instagram tourist zone. Bronx resident Jonathan Francis told Gothamist: “We hope it ends soon because we don’t need this. We feel disrespected.”

Brayan Feliz, 28, who grew up a few blocks from the Joker stairs, said: “Understand that it is not just selfies and hashtags. Understand that people live in those places and that just you taking a picture is gonna have an impact in that community.”

Samantha Vargas, 25, who came to see the location from Jersey City added: “You’re just trying to walk up the stairs and everyone’s just taking a picture for their Instagram. I could see it being really annoying.”


Meanwhile, State Assembly member Latoya Joyner said she’d received certain complaints regarding the site. “It’s more now about how do we keep the areas clean and attractive for the residents that actually do live there and are there on a daily basis and have to walk up and down these steps,” she revealed.

As per Forbes, Joker passed Deadpool and Deadpool 2 on Thursday to become the biggest R-rated movie of all time in global grosses. On Friday, it passed $800 million worldwide to become the first R-rated movie to hit that milestone.

It is expected to end up as profitable as Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. In short: Joker has done extremely well for a DC Comics origin story.

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