Brazilian Bodybuilder Loves To Inject OIL Into His Muscles

A Brazilian bodybuilder called Valdir Segato is constantly putting his life at risk by injecting oil into his body to make himself have ‘bigger’ muscles.

Valdir, who is in his early 50s, has been using synthol injections for several years to pump up his muscles. The warnings include risk of stroke, infections, abscesses and even amputation.

Valdir says he was influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Incredible Hulk. So decided to take a drastic step to ‘match’ his idols.

He is nicknamed locally as ‘The Monster’ while out and about in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He was warned by medics three years ago that if he continued to use the oil he could end up with disfigurement, nerve and muscle damage and a plethora of other nasty outcomes. None of that has put him off though.

In 2016, when he was given the news, he insisted that although he had ‘doubled his biceps’ he ‘still wants to be bigger’.

He added:

“The doctors tell me to stop it, the advice they give me is to stop using. But it’s my decision to use it because I want to, because I like to.”

His friend Fernando Carvalho da Silva didn’t agree, saying:

“The oil thing is stupidity. He thinks it’s good and I’m a friend so I stay quiet, but deep down I want to tell him to stop but he doesn’t want to. He’s happy like that.

“It’s the risk he takes – he wants to look good and wants to be famous.”

Valdir have more than 16,000 followers on his Instagram account and has taken part in numerous interviews for the media.

Valdir said that in his youth he was a drug addict, which resulted in massive weight loss and the unflattering nickname ‘Skinny Dog’.

Valdir decided to start hitting the gym, but he quickly realised that the results he was aiming for couldn’t be brought from just healthy eating and lifting heavy.

He was offered synthol by someone at his gym and decided to take it.

The bodybuilder says that he has an addictive personality so it was something easy for him to become used too.

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