Boyfriend Sends Cute Video Of Dog To Girlfriend, Doesn’t Realise Background Noise Is Him On The Toilet

Dogs. We love them on. In the flesh, on the internet, they are adorable, friendly and hilarious. The millions of photos of the pups really do make our day.

This is DEFINITELY going to make your day even better….

This video of a cute dog looks innocent at first. He’s getting a much deserved head scratch, looking loving at his owner…

You think, aww that’s cute.

WELL.. he was getting all this affection whilst his owner was ON TH TOILET doing a NUMBER TWO! And you can hear it… EW!

The man embarrassingly sent the video to his girlfriend, pointing out what he was doing in the back ground.. she didn’t even realise at first! She said it was ‘cute’.

Flynn, the pooping culprit, sent the video to his 19-year-old girlfriend Rachel Holton, as a complete accident.

He didn’t realise he’d soundtracked the video of his dog with the sound of his own poop touching down into the toilet water.

The second Flynn realised he’d sent the video, he followed up the video with a message, saying:

‘You can hear ma shite in the picture’

Rachael, took to twitter, posting a screen recording of the live photo… as you do!

One person replied

‘Put some toilet roll doon ffs’. A fireman’s blanket, you say? Don’t mind if I do.

Of course, the video has gone viral and has been seen 130,000 times and has amassed 5,600 likes.

Rachael, had to send out another tweet stating it was not her on the toilet in the video.

She tweeted:

‘It’s no me doing a shite it’s ma boyfriend f*cksake watch the video’.

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