Boy Buys Brother Sex Toys For Birthday, He Opens Them In Front Of Whole Family

As an older sibling, you always have one main priority… To embarrass your little brother or sister.

And the more embarrassing the situation the better, but did this one brother take it too far?

One older brother took this to the extreme after he brought his younger brother a sex toy for his 18th birthday and filmed it for everyone to watch.

Charlie Wood, 21 brought his younger brother, Jack, a ‘vibrating c**k stroker’ which he then made Jack open in during a family meal.

Credit: Jam Press

Charlie, from Leeds, described the present as a ‘bargain’ as he brought it from Ann Summers for £15.

Whilst many people would have been extremely embarrassed in the situation, luckily Jack wasn’t.

Charlie told LADBible that his brother took it like a champ which is lucky as not many people would.

Jack even found it so funny that “he was waving it around the resturant”.

Credit: Jam Press

Whilst Charlie and Jack found the situation hilarious, not the same can be about his family, which is no surprise.

Charlie said: “My mum and grandma weren’t very impressed, think my grandma nearly had a stroke. My stepdad and cousins saw the funny side though.”

The video has now been shared all over, with 305k on Twitter.

Charlie should probably watch his back in the run-up to when his birthday as there is no doubt Jack will be plotting his revenge.

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