Bowl Cuts Are Making A Comeback As The Latest Fashion Trend

Bowl cuts. Probably a marmite haircut in the world of hair and beauty, definitely not your usual go to when you pop to your salon for a trim.

Celebrities seem to the only people that can get away with bizarre hair and beauty trends on their red carpets, reinventing dated looks and giving them a new lease of life.

You can thank Charlize Theron for bringing back the bowl cut in the most fashionable way and it’s no surprise she absolutely rocks the look.

The actress uploaded a picture of her new hair to her personal Instagram account. It’s said to be part of her look for the 9th Fast and Furious film she is currently filming.

Followers couldn’t help but compliment her on pulling it off, including Mad Men actress January Jones, who wrote:

“This hair is next level good. But would only look good on you 😍”

Since sharing the photo, many fans of the actress have tried to pull off the unique look themselves, and of course have shared their efforts.

Her hair probably looks that good because she’s definitely got a team of extremely expensive and skilled stylist’s to help her.

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