Australian Man Finds $100,000 Gold Nugget Using A Metal Detector!

Winning the lottery is something most of us dream of in our day to day lives, maybe even stumbling across a rock of gold? I mean, that would be pretty cool.

It would be a very nice surprise to come across a little gold mine, and one Aussie guy found himself extremely lucky.

The anonymous man (don’t blame him) has discovered a nugget of gold worth nearly £60,000 ($100,000) after a trip out his metal detector. Now i wish i had one of those!

The owner of a metal detector shop in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Matt Cook revealed the details of the mystery man’s shock discovery.

He said:

“He walked into my shop and showed me the nugget in his hand with a big smile on my face.”

“It just a bit bigger than a packet of smokes, and the density of it was incredible, so heavy.”

He added that the man detected the gold on some saltbush flats, around 18 inches below the surface.

Some of these findings rarely happen, maybe up to a few times a year, but it’s extremely rare for them to be discovered by a hobbyist with a single metal detector.

In Kalgoorlie, smaller finds are common as they produce around 75 per cent of all gold mined in Australia.

Mr Cook said:

“It’s good to see people out there and finding nuggets like this. They’re harder to find but they’re still out there.”

Cook owns a shop which sells supplies to gold prospectors, and charges anywhere from $1,000AU (around £550) to just under $10,000 (£5430) for metal detectors.

Mr Cook added:

“It’s so busy, I can’t remember a year like it.”

“And gold prices are high at the moment, it’s like a gold rush.”

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