Angry Mum Confronts ‘Son’s Bully’ and Threatens to Rip His Face Off

What do you do when you discover your child is being bullied? Alert the school? Teach your kid self-defense? Personally meet the bully and harass him into making an apology?

That’s what one mother did in a video uploaded to Twitter that has since gone viral.

In it, she addressed the alleged bully “Let me tell you something you little c***, I ain’t from around here. Do you know who I am?”


“No, I’m [child’s] mum, yeah, yeah puss yo, I’m [child’s] mum.” Getting closer to the alleged bully, she continues: “No! I ain’t going to stop getting close.”

“Touch my son again and I’ll rip your f****** face off! I’ll rip your mum’s face off, your dad’s face off! Do you hear me?” The boy responds: “Yeah.” Still angry, the mum carries on: “Touch him I dare you to!”

The boy replies: “I won’t.”

The mother doesn’t stop there, shouting: “F***** touch him, I dare you to I f**** dare you to! Know yourself yeah, know yourself, know your f***** self. I’m warning you, I’m warning you, one more f****** time!”

The boy is heard saying: “Alright, stop getting close to me.”

A social media user praised the mum saying: “The parents of bullies need to be held accountable. Parents’ instincts are to protect their kids no matter by whom.”


Another person added: “Well done to that mum, she’s a hero, these bullies need stopping and this is one step towards helping her child get over his traumatic experience which can stay with them throughout their adulthood, and 75% of the time lead to PTSD.”

However, one person said the mum’s actions were not acceptable. She wrote: “I understand how she is angry about her son being bullied, but this is not the way to resolve the issue. Yes, it’s definitely aggressive, and making those kind of threats in public could land herself in trouble.”

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