Amazon Is Now Selling Official SLUSH PUPPIE Machines!

The news is true! You can grab a REAL Slush Puppie machine on Amazon! Get ready for brain freeze and bringing back fun childhood memories!

It costs only £44.99 on Amazon to get yourself one of these.

There are a few different versions out there BUT this is definitely the one worth getting.. it’s totally legit.

Included in the purchase is some paper cups and straws as well as one set of blue raspberry syrup and one red cherry syrup.

You can always buy more of the syrups for when you run out!

Amazon states:

“Create the perfect Slush Puppie with this super easy to use official Slush Puppie Slushie Machine.

“Fill the Slush Puppie Machine up with ice and watch as it turns it into Slush. The Slush Puppie Slushie Machine is easy to use and you can enjoy your Slushies in two ways with two different ice shaving settings, course or fine.

“This official Slush Puppie Machine set includes an authentic Slushie Machine capable of creating up to 1.1 litres of delicious Slushie at a time! This awesome genuine Slush Puppie Machine comes with its own step by step instructions manual for your reference.”

It continues:

“No Slush Puppie Machine set would be complete without the beloved Slush Puppie Syrup, so we’ve included two of the most iconic flavours – Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry. Both popular Syrups come in 330ml bottles and can produce up to 2 litres of Slushie!

“Also included in this fabulous Slush Puppie set are four official Slush Puppie paper cups and paper straws, meaning you can share this legendary drink with your friends and family!”

I need to get one ASAP!!

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