Amazing New Toilet Roll Created For Millennials Lasts Up To Three Months!

Millennials are a generation that definitely have unique ways of doing the usual daily activities in life. From instagramming every meal to eating avocado toast, millennials are unique.

Millennials have had to get creative with life and with prices for rent increasing amongst other things, why not change simple things to make it a little easier to be a millennial in this day and age.

Millennials know that saving money on household expenditures is one of the most important things ever, and we all know toilet roll can be expensive.

In tiny apartments, buying toilet paper in bulk to save money, creates another issue. Storage.

Millennials fear not, Procter & Gamble Co. has created a toilet paper roll that can last a single-person household up to three months.

Called “Charmin Forever Roll” it was reported that the endless loo roll was designed for people who’re struggling for space.

It’s a whopping three times larger than a conventional toilet roll.

An ad for the giant toilet roll says:

“Now go up to ONE MONTH before changing your roll”

“With Forever Roll, you can go longer between roll changes without sacrificing your comfort. It’s super convenient and long-lasting, so you have one less thing to think about!”

Forever Roll is available in two sizes – one with a 12-inch diameter and another with an 8.7-inch diameter.

Apparently, Forever Roll is so long that it’s as tall as the 555ft Washington Monument!

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