Airline Refuses Man On Board With Can Of Beer So He Checks It In Himself

Airlines policies and the rules are probably one of the most annoying things when off on holiday.

There are so many do’s and dont’s it all gets a little stressful. We pay so much for tickets then they overbook flights… or we get huge delays that ruin everything.

When it comes to rules, this one airline in Melbourne wasn’t budging and this man had the best idea.

Just before boarding his Qantas flight to Perth, the man was informed at the gate that he wouldn’t be allowed to take his can of beer with him.

Obviously he argued his case with staff, but he ended up getting no where and had to think of another way to get around the situation.

The passenger decided to check in his beer. Yes it’s a bit of a weird way to get around the situation but yes, the can went through the usual check-in process, and arrived in Perth with everyone else’s luggage.

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