You Can Now Buy A Willy Pillow To Keep You Warm On Lonely Nights

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, it’s time to think again. Forget the hot water bottles, it’s all about the willy pillows to keep you warm at night.

Quirky gift manufacturers Firebox has created the ultimate snuggle buddy for them lonely winter nights – and it is in the shape of a 4ft long penis.

Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow – Firebox

The novelty cushion, which is named Pierre, is an updated version of another Firebox cushion that looks identical but is much smaller after customers began demanding a bigger and better Pierre.

It is known as “Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow” on Firebox’s website, and its description reads: “We’ve supersized everyone’s favorite adorable penis just to suit you.”

Pierre the Penis Pillow – Firebox

“Don’t worry, he’s still got his cute little face, just on a much much bigger appendage,” the description goes on to read. “He must have been flaccid before because now he’s four feet of pure magnificent shaft.”

The cushion comes in a plush baby pink color along with cute little black eyes and a cheeky smile – the perfect cuddle companion.

Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow – Firebox

“Quite possibly the biggest d*** in the world, jumbo Pierre will keep you warm on long lonely nights for as long as you need him.”

The pillow is purely designed to be cuddled, and shoppers are snapping up the jumbo version of Pierre with Firebox confirming they sell a penis-themed item once every 2 hours.

Ben Redhead, Head of Buying at Firebox.com, said in an interview: “Firebox has a total of six penis-related gifts in its Top 100 products this year, averaging one bought every 1 hour and 45 minutes.”

The Pierre collection – Firebox

It doesn’t come cheap, however, with it being on sale for £39.99 ($48.79). The smaller versions of Pierre are on sale for £14.99 ($18.95) and £19.99 ($24.43).

But it has to be said, all variations of Pierre are quite simply adorable with their cheeky expressions and beady little eyes.

Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow – Firebox

Pierre isn’t the only thing that Firebox is famous for. They are well known for selling quirky and unique gift ideas, such as personalized doormats, lamps, suitcases, and even personalized pet cushions, so make sure you head on down to their website for the perfect Christmas gifts!

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