You Can Now Buy A Dick Shaped Cushion With Your Friend’s Face On

Thinking about Christmas gift ideas and stuck in a bit of a rut? Fancying something a bit off kilter and random but guaranteed to gain a few laughs?

Look no further than your very own dick-shaped cushion with the face of anyone you know!

We all have a mate who’s a dickhead, let’s face it. So you happen to work with one and get them for Secret Santa just imagine getting this.

You’d be the focus of the office, someone bound to go down in folklore as the legend that got that guy’s (it’s probably a guy) face printed onto a fluffy, dick cushion.

And if it helps them sleep at night, everyone’s a winner.

Full-time funny cushion makers Snugzy have released the novelty piece of furniture.

The description reads: “We all know a dick head, maybe it’s your bestie or just someone you have a love-hate relationship with. Well you can now turn yourself or that someone into truly our most unique Snugzy – the penis Snugzy!

“For when words just aren’t enough! Just upload a high quality image and our team will do the rest!

“Note: Please ensure you upload a photo of your full face and don’t worry we’ll match the skin tone as per the face upload :)”

Got it? What are you waiting for!

If you’re having trouble thinking of a friend or family member or work colleague who’s a dickhead, then, I’m afraid to say, you’re probably the dickhead. But luck on the bright side, at least there’s a good chance you’ll be getting a brand new cushion for Christmas this year. Ho ho ho!

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