Woman Saves Scorched Koala From Australia Bushfires With Shirt Off Her Own Back

Bushfires are a sad fact of life for many living in Australia – and their summer is the height of the season. But as they rage on in New South Wales, one heartwarming story has got the internet feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Since November 8th, fires have been plaguing the Aussie region, with a reported five hundred homes destroyed by the blaze so far. But the damage extends beyond its human impact – the wildlife of Australia is also suffering immensely. Around seventy-five percent of the fires currently encroaches on natural koala bear territory, and it’s estimated over three hundred have already lost their lives in the disaster.

But one New South Wales woman decided enough was enough, and took matters into her own hands – becoming an internet sensation in the process.

Toni Doherty discovered a lost and confused koala struggling to find his way out of the fire surrounding him. And when she did, she came up with an innovative solution to save him – using the very shirt off her back.

Toni runs towards the cute animal and, using her shirt, grabs him and runs out of danger. Footage of the brave rescue has taken the internet by storm.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending, with the koala (nicknamed “Lewis”) rushed to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for treatment. But while this koala is safe, the fate of many more hangs in the balance as the fires continue to rage out of control.

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