Woman Faints After Hairdresser Cuts 12 Inches Of Hair Without Telling Her

In perhaps the most dramatic thing you will ever witness on television ever, a woman fainted after her hairdresser cuts more of her hair off than she had expected.

The model, known only as İlayda, appeared on the Turkish TV show, Kuaförüm Sensin, which loosely translates to “You’re my hairdresser“. The show is a reality contest in which makeup artists and hairdressers demonstrate their skills by giving makeovers to models in order to win a grand prize.


In this particular episode, hairdresser Bilal Ağın wanted to cut his model İlayda’s hair in order to support the ‘Let My Hair Be Your Hair’ project for cancer survivors.

But İlayda, who had repulsively long hair anyway, obviously didn’t have any clue as to how much hair Ağın was planning on chopping off… Because her reaction was nothing short of ridiculous.


Ağın wasted no time and set to neatly chopping a large proportion of her hair off… All while she sat patiently and let him hack away.

And then, as Bilal swipes his scissors across İlayda’s long hair and triumphantly (and somewhat proudly...) twirls around with the locks he had just shorn off, a look of horror slowly trickles into her face, and she frantically scrambles at her now shoulder-length-hair in a visible panic.

Then the waterworks arrive.

Almost immediately after her realization, İlayda bursts into tears as she frantically paces up and down while grasping at her freshly cut locks. She then tears off her blue hairdressing cape while sobbing hysterically, all while Bilal stands smiling awkwardly, clutching onto the remainders of her hair the entire time.

She goes to storm out of the studio, while the 3 judges and the show’s presenter watch on with looks of disbelief on their faces. Hilariously, the other contestants and their respective models look lost for words as they carry on with their own business.

And, before any of us know it, she somehow ends up on the floor in an emotional and snotty heap.

As she storms out of the studio, and conveniently right past the show’s presenter, İlayda takes a wobble and grabs onto the woman for support. She gradually collapses to the floor, while the poor presenter calls for help. All over a haircut…

The clip quickly went viral, and has since raked in over twelve million views. There’s just nothing funnier than an overdramatic model crying over her hair cut, is there?

You can watch the full incident for yourself above.

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