Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Says Greta Thunberg Is An Idiot And Killed The Car Show

There has been only one name that has been the center of almost every major debate this year and it is our favorite Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

The 16-year-old has led a global revolution, using her voice to spread awareness about the climate crisis that is currently destroying our planet.

However, as with anything good, it always comes with bad. Thunberg has been met with much criticism along the way. From prominent world leaders, all the way to Dave who works at your local Wendys, it seems as a lot of people have a big problem with a young girl trying to have a positive impact on the world.

The latest celebrity to have joined the list of haters is none other than former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson. He claims that Thunberg is making young people think “cars are evil.”

He told The Sun: “She’s an idiot. Going around saying we’re all going to die. That’s not going to solve anything, my dear.”

Credit: twitter.com/dailyexpress

It seems as Clarkson has had it in for Thunberg for a while now. In October, he told her to “shut up and be a good girl.”

Classy, Clarkson, very classy.

His most recent comments come after he made the comment that Thunberg had “killed the car show,” saying, “They [children] are taught at school, before they say ‘mummy and daddy,’ that cars are evil, and it’s in their heads.”

Credit: twitter.com/mcjaggerkakdem

Sounds like someone’s a little butthurt that young people have actually become more cultured, and they would rather spend their time doing something worthwhile as opposed to listening to loud engines and obsessing over the interior of a man-made carbon disaster.

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