‘Rick and Morty’ Season Four Is Finally Here

Ricky and Morty is finally back. Season 4 of the cult cartoon premiered last night on Adult Swim and sure to go down just as well as rest we’ve grown to love.

It’s been two long years for the fans and newcomers to the show who may have only discovered it recently.

Good for news for the latter if so, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland say there’s no need to have watched the first 3 seasons to enjoy the new one.

Back in July, they spoke with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the future of Rick and Morty Season 4. Midway through the interview, the show creators were asked if fans should rewatch specific episodes prior to the new season.

“I would definitely say watch all of season 3 before season 4,” Roiland said.

But it looks like Harmon and Roiland were kinda trying to dodge the question. On Nov. 10, Entertainment Tonight Canada dropped an interview with the creators. However, both now say viewers can watch Rick and Morty Season 4 even without watching previous seasons.

“Strangely enough, this is sort of a decent season for you to watch with your friend who has never seen the show. We don’t think they’ll be lost,” Harmon told ET Canada.

“For the most part it’s actually a really good point of entry for new fans,” Roiland added. “If you’ve never seen the show, season four would be a really good point of entry because the episodes are very standalone, in a good way.”

Still, longtime Rick and Morty fans can enjoy references from seasons 1-3. But it’s likely to be less relevant.

“There’ll be familiar things to reward the old viewer,” Harmon said. “But in a lot of ways it’s starting fresh, there was no giant cliffhanger at the end of the last season that needed to be paid off in the first episode… I think you can just jump on in, and maybe it’ll inspire a binge of what you missed later.”

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