Orangutan Found Blinded After Being Shot 24 Times By Poacher

An Orangutan has been left suffering from horrendous injuries after a poacher shot him 24 times.

The Orangutan named Paguh by his rescuers was found suffering after the attack that took place in Aceh in Indonesia.

Paguh was taken to an orangutan rehabilitation center where they tried to remove the metal from his body.

Credit: Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Vets who have tried to help Paguh had to pick 16 metal pellets from his head, four from his arms and legs, three from his hip, and one from his gut.

Vets tried to remove all the metal from his body but were unable to and could only take out three of the 13 pellets.

When The Jakarta Post spoke to Castri Delfi Saragih, a spokesperson for the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, told them: “Paguh is currently in a stable condition after the veterinary team removed three pellets from his head.”

The pellets have left Paguh blind in both eyes.

Meuthya Sr, one of the YEL-SOCP veterinarians that treated Paguh also told The Jakarta Post that “At first we hoped that Paguh’s eyes were not completely damaged or that at least one eye was still functioning,” she said. “But unfortunately, we found that Paguh was blind in both eyes.”

The consequences of shooting an Orangutan carries a fine of up £5,500 and even a prison of up to five years.

Despite the consequences and the horrible nature, it is not the first time that something like this has happened.

In the past ten years, the same rehabilitation center has dealt with 20 orangutans being shot.

Despite there being consequences in place for shooting orangutans, it is obviously unfortunately not enough.

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