Dwyane Wade Defends His Son For Wearing Crop Top And Fake Nails

Would you honestly believe the cheek of some people…

Dwyane Wade’s family Thanksgiving photo caused a total storm. Frankly, if the photo shows us anything it’s that we should be thankful for loving and supportive parents like Dwyane and Gabrielle Union, who are breaking down barriers and allowing their children to be their true selves.

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A sweet photo, right?

Only not everyone saw it like that… Some people were quick to question the outfit choices of twelve-year-old Zion, who is Dwayne’s son from a previous relationship.

The stream of hateful comments underneath Gabrielle Union’s picture was totally unexpected, and as you can imagine, unappreciated.

This is a twelve-year-old kid we’re talking about for crying out loud.

Why are you spending your Thanksgiving cyber abusing little kids crystal_barbz?

I would hardly say Dwyane and Gabrielle are leading their kids to destruction… frankly, I think they all look pretty happy.

Zion is just living his best life. Which is exactly what Dwyane said, when jumping to his defense.

In a series of tweets, Dwyane made his feelings very clear about what he thought of the onslaught of abuse his family received following the picture.

First off Dwayne just showed his support to someone sticking up for the family and his liberal parenting methods…

Dwayne believes it’s important that his children feel seen and that his kids know that he loves and supports them.

Although, of course, up until this point he still did not address the fake nails and crop top directly… But then he dropped the ultimate cool dad tweet:

Did you hear that, haters? Dwyane thinks your stupid, and your mean and he doesn’t care what you think.

So there.

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