YouTuber Camryn Clifford Posts Heartbreaking Video Revealing How Husband Landon Died

Last week, news of YouTube star Landon Clifford’s death emerged aged just 19.

The social media star, who was part of Cam&Fam, had over 1 million subscribers on the site.

Clifford was a father to daughters Collette Briar Clifford and Delilah Rose Clifford. Delilah Rose was only born in May.

Now his wife Camryn Clifford has released a YouTube video opening up about addiction, depression and suicide.

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His wife confirmed the news of his passing online in a heartbreaking statement.

She wrote:

August 13th 2020 was Landon’s last day being the best dad and husband he could be.

After spending the following 6 days in a coma he passed on and donated several organs to people in need all over the country.

He died saving the lives of others. That’s the type of person he was. Compassionate, loving, thoughtful, kind, and gentle.

He was an amazing husband and the best father those girls could of ever asked for.

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July 4th with these cuties 🇺🇸

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But in a new video, Camryn has revealed the dark and tragic truth.

In the clip she says:

If you are easily triggered, I wouldn’t watch this video. This is definitely going to be the hardest video I’ve ever had to make.

It took a while for me to obviously get over the initial shock and to just gather my feelings and my thoughts and to feel like I’m ready to tell his story. It’s a very important story to be hold and it’s my job to tell it, but it’s not an easy story to tell, at all.

Behind the scenes, he was always just kind of going through his own stuff. He has had mental health issues for as long as I have known him.

Camryn then explained that somewhere along the road Landon’s mental health took a serious decline and he began abusing his drugs.

She then added that one day recently Landon ‘seemed like he was having a good day’, but she ‘knew something was wrong’.

I could tell he was putting a lot of blame on himself. I talked to him, I told him that I loved him and I forgave him and things were different now. I gave him a hug, a kiss and I told him I love him and that it’s okay and that no matter what he ever did, I would always love him and be here for him. After that he seemed okay.

Then I went into the garage and when I opened the garage I saw him, he had hung himself and he didn’t look alive. He was very pale and I was in so much shock. It took me a second to realize that it was actually happening. I ran to the kitchen, I grabbed a knife and I cut him down.

I knew in that moment that he was gone. There is no words to describe how I felt at that time.

Clifford was placed in a medically induced coma and died in hospital six days later.

Rest in peace.

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