Woman Was Told To Leave The Gym For Showing Too Much Skin

This is the story of a woman who was told to leave her local gym unless she put a shirt on.

Gabi Goddard, from Sydney, was told she was showing too much skin and had to head off.

Speaking about her experience, Gabi explained that she was just working out last Friday, when the manager came over and told her to ‘go home and change’.

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When she asked him why, he explained that there were teenagers taking part of a class in the gym and that their teacher complained they were ‘seeing too much skin’.

In a letter shared on Instagram, Gabi wrote:

I am horrified that your school has sway over the clothing choices (and freedom to exercise) of an independent adult woman.

Moreover, your school is perpetuating the values (with real life consequences) that are demonstrably harmful. 

Namely that we live in a world where 14-year-old boys are given priority over women. Where women are punished for boy’s and men’s propensity for objectifying women.

It is discouraging that this particular complaint came from a person charged with moulding our next generation into well-rounded adults, ones who respect women and shun rape culture.

If that teacher’s goal was to teach her female students to be ashamed of ever showing their bodies (even in the pursuit of activities that are healthy for mind and body) then she did an awesome job, by publicly shaming me in front of them.

She also shared a photo of what she was wearing.

Image Credit: Instagram/gabigoddard


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