Woman, 80, Goes Into Graphic Detail About Sex With Toyboy Fiancé

British morning television got the shake up it needed today when they invited innocent enough looking Iris Jones on the show to talk about her new lover.

The 80-year-old is in a relationship with her Egyptian toyboy lover, Mohammed, who is 45 years younger than Iris.

The two had been chatting on Facebook, but eventually Iris decided to take the plunge and flew over to Cairo to meet him face-to-face.

Image Credit: ITV

But expecting the 80-year-old to keep the chat vanilla on This Morning was a fine mistake by one of the show’s talent scouts as Iris was quite the opposite.

Speaking about the first time they had sex, Iris explained:

The first night – pretty rough, it was rough. Nobody has been with me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again.

Can I say what we used? A whole tube of KY Jelly.

And the thing is, I couldn’t walk the next day, I felt as if I had been riding a horse.

Saddle sore wasn’t in it. Anyway, we got over that – the sex is not the important thing.

In the words of my old man, COR BLIMEY!

Check it out below:

Iris isn’t one to shy away from the cameras is she, Jesus H.

And people across the globe (okay maybe not across the globe but people from the UK) all felt the same.

Image Credit: ITV

One tweeted:

Some things you don’t want to hear while eating your breakfast… Rough sex and KY jelly. Eek.

Another said:

I can’t unsee this! Don’t get me wrong, I wish Iris all the love and happiness, I loved her honesty but this was a little too much.

You do you Iris.

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