Walmart Apologises For Christmas Sweater Of Santa Doing Cocaine


It seems a buyer for Walmart made a fairly risque decision when choosing Christmas jumpers this year.

Walmart shoppers in Canada were found to be surprised by the chain’s decision to sell a Christmas jumper that seemed to display a jacked-up Santa Clause doing lines of cocaine.

Now, you could argue that the pile of “snow” is actually just innocent snowballs…

That being said, it sure does look as though he’s racked up three lines and it sure does look like he’s holding some kind of straw to snort the said lines.

I guess Santa doesn’t use a rolled-up bank note.

The thing is though, Walmart’s decision to remove the jumpers and issue an apology after they received some complaints has led to a whole other group of people complaining…

The coke heads want their jumper back!

Twitter/ @amandamull

I guess you snooze you lose!

All those that liked the cocaine Christmas jumper should have bought it while they had the chance.

I guess this is a case of shoulda, would’ve, could’ve…

Maybe if you hadn’t spent all night jacked up on coke you might have woken up in time to nab one of these now elusive Chrimbo jumpers.

Who knows, maybe WalMart are just going to wait for the controversy to die down and bring them out again next year.

But for now, let’s all just laugh at the idea of a coked-up Santa and make do with that.

Twitter/ @ScottThawts

You said it, Scott.

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