Viewers Are Concerned For The Woman In The Peloton’s Christmas Ad

Christmas adverts are usually extremely festive and a little OTT, which is absolutely fine, but this year’s Peloton Christmas ad has proven to be slightly problematic.

Peloton – an exercise bike company with online cycling and spinning classes – has caused a bit of a stir with their Christmas ad this year.

The Peloton Bike – Peloton

The ad that is titled “The Gift That Gives Back” shows a young mom being gifted a Peloton exercise bike for Christmas by her assumed-to-be boyfriend or husband.

The woman, who is already very toned and attractive, obsessively vlogs herself using the bike every day for the following year, including at 6 am in the morning and after a long day at work – a very unrealistic workout routine, especially for a young mom!

The attractive woman using her new Peloton – Peloton

At the end of the ad, she gifts her husband with a video of her past year obsessively riding the bike, even though he lives with her so he probably was aware she was using it. 

It’s clear that the idea behind the ad is that fitness is a lifestyle, but a lot of people don’t seem to think so.

“Is anyone else getting “I’m afraid of my husband” vibes from the woman in the peloton commercial?!” another user wrote.

Watch the ad for yourselves here…

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