Transgender Man Told He Couldn’t Get Pregnant Welcomes a Son

Being transgender comes with certain limitations, and one of these is being able to conceive children.

But one transgender man defied the odds by conceiving and giving birth to a very healthy baby boy.

Wyley Simpson, a twenty-eight-year-old transgender man from Texas, was regularly undergoing testosterone therapy and because of this, it was warned that he may never conceive a child.

Wyley and Stephen – Instagram

Wyley, who still has female genitals, is engaged to Stephen Gaeth and the pair initially didn’t feel ready for parenthood… until Wyley discovered that he was pregnant.

“I was nervous. I was very emotional, I started crying. I didn’t know what to do,” he said in an interview. “I was already worried as this was my first pregnancy.”

“But I was also nervous because I had to deal with a lot of stigma behind me being a pregnant man.”

Wyley with his baby bump – Instagram

“Alongside receiving rude comments from other people, the pregnancy took a lot for me emotionally,” he went on to say.

“Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21 years old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that it messed with my head.”

Wyley gave birth to their son, Rowan, in September 2018 via an emergency C-section.

Wyley and his son, Rowan – Instagram

“Once my physical bump had disappeared and I was able to take my hormones again, I felt good about everything,” he said about fatherhood.

“Myself and Stephan suddenly turned into a gay couple with a baby, as opposed to me being a pregnant man.”

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