The Simpsons Predicts What Will Happen If People Don’t Vote

It’s here. It’s finally here. Election Day. One of the biggest dates on the US calendar.

It comes around once every four years and it’s always a real rollercoaster of emotions – regardless of your political affiliation.

Four years ago and the world was pretty shocked to see that Donald Trump dominated election night, securing four years in the Oval Office for himself.

And now, well nobody knows just who’s going to win. Will it be Trump or Biden? Only time will tell.

And actually, time could play a pretty big factor in tonight’s election as due to the pandemic and subsequent postal votes, nobody knows whether we’ll actually have a result this evening or if it’ll be tomorrow, the day after. or in a matter of weeks.

But anyhow, moving on. The Simpsons are essentially king when it comes to making predictions, hell they’ve predicted just about everything fairly accurately, and now they’ve made their prediction on what will happen if people don’t get out there and vote today.

And well, here it is. Feast your eyes on this.


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