Teenagers Record Moment They Found Body In Suitcase On TikTok

Suitcase Dead Body

This is the chilling moment a group of teenagers recorded themselves opening a suitcase which had washed up on a beach in Seattle.

They were excited to open the suitcase – expecting to find something interesting inside, hence the reason they recorded themselves.

But they were not expecting this.

Image Credit: TikTok UghHenry

The teens said they found the suitcase after being sent to the spot by Randonautica, an app which generates random coordinates for users to follow based on their intentions.

When they opened the suitcase, they couldn’t tell what was inside, but added that the smell was horrific.

The smell was so bad that the teens decided not to open anything inside the suitcase and prompted them to call the cops.

Police later confirmed that the suitcase contained body parts and they discovered another suitcase with human remains in it, in the sea.

TikTok user, Ughhenry, added that he broke down when he got home – and that the laughter in the video is simply a way of dealing with the horror.

Image Credit: Tik Tok UghHenry

An investigation has since been launched, and detectives are working with the King Country Medical Examiner’s Office.

At the time of writing no further information has been released.

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