Teenagers Die After Falling 100ft From Waterfall After Posing For Selfie

Two teenagers have tragically died after plunging around 100ft from a waterfall in Brazil.

The teens, who were inseparable friends, had been posing for selfies at the beauty spot in Salto Caveiras, Lages when one of them slipped.

The other friend rushed to try and help save her, but they both tragically fell to their deaths.

Image Credit: Facebook

When medics arrived, Bruna Vellasquez, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her friend, Monique Medeiros, was still alive at the time, but tragically died shortly afterwards.

Moments before their deaths, the pair shared a selfie to Instagram on top of the cliff that they would later fall from.

Image Credit: Facebook

Friends and family took to social media to pay tribute to the two friends in the days following their tragic deaths.

One person wrote:

Please God comfort the hearts of your family.

Another commented:

She [Monique] began as a cashier before beginning to work with me in its management.

I fell ill and she helped me a lot and basically had to run the business alone.

Image Credit: Instagram

A third wrote of Bruna, who was set to celebrate her 19th birthday next week: “So pretty and so young.”

Such a tragedy!

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