Teacher Causes Uproar For Savagely Punishing Child

A teacher in the US is under fire for brutally punishing a young child in her school.

The mum of the five-year-old girl is understandably furious about the whole ordeal and shared photos online.

Ciara Morgan made the discovery when she went to pick up her daughter from school.

Ciara Morgan

She then saw a huge red mark on her daughter’s face which the teacher claimed was eczema. Her daughter however claims she was hit with a ruler by the teacher.

Ms Morgan said:

The kids were having computer time and once the time was up a student was still on the computer. Hailey told the teacher, the teacher went to her desk pulled out a ruler walked to Hailey, hit her and told her “no tattle-taling.

Ciara Morgan

She continued:

Her teacher told us it was her eczema but once we picked Hailey up, she informed us that not only did her teacher hit her with the ruler, but she told her if she didn’t tell anyone she would bring her a LOL Doll.

We haven’t received any communication from the school – the Principal told us that he doesn’t have time and to get on his calendar. Hailey has been withdrawn from the school.

Ciara Morgan

Shockingly, the mum was told the teacher would be sacked but after just two weeks she discovered the teacher was back working.


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