Pornhub Offering Free Premium Membership For Valentine’s Day

How’s your Valentine’s Day going? What’s your plans? Nice meal at an overpriced restaurant? Couple of drinks? Back to your place?

Or… something a little more selflessly intimate? Well strap yourself in because adult film connoisseurs Pornhub have got just the thing for you…

Pornhub is honoring its ‘long standing tradition’ of giving out free access to its premium high-definition subscription service as a special Valentine’s Day.

Image Credit: Pornhub

Last year, more than three million people took advantage of the offer, and the best thing is: you don’t have to hand over any credit card details.

Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, said:

We’re about getting people in the mood – it’s something we do for 120 million site visitors every day. What gets people in the mood more than Pornhub?

That’s why we’re making Pornhub Premium free for anyone and everyone to access for the holiday. Whether you are spending the holiday with a significant other or loving yourself solo, we want to lend a helping hand to ensure everyone is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

What’s more – you can even gift someone with free premium access and they will received a personalised video message from your pick of porn star, within reason.

Image Credit: Pornhub

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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