Photo Of Kim Kardashian And Meek Mill Meeting That Upset Kanye Is Going Viral

A photograph of the meeting between Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill that left Kanye particularly upset is subsequently going viral.

The photo proves one of Kanye’s points, that Kim and Meek did meet up in the past. However it completely disproves how he insinuated that the meeting about prison reform was not legit.

Kanye also suggested that they were basically there to hook up with one another – providing him with a reason for wanting to divorce Kim.

Image Credit: Instagram

Even after a ‘witness’ claimed she saw Kim leave the restaurant by herself as soon as the meeting was over, Kanye’s jealousy made it difficult for him to trust his wife.

Which led to more and more cheating and infidelity claims…

Following the claims, Meek himself spoke out, tweeting: ‘S*** is cap cmon’. Cap, to those of you who don’t know, means lies.

And now we have the evidence, a photograph showing a very much legit meeting with Kim and Meek sat at a table with others.

Check it out below:

After Kanye tweeted, and then deleted, saying he has been considering divorcing Kim Kardashian, reports have been pouring in that Kim herself is debating divorcing Kanye too.

Who knows what the future holds eh guys?

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