Peruvian Mayor Pretends To Be Dead After He’s Caught Breaking Lockdown

Oh boy. I’ve heard some real horror stories about people being caught breaking lockdown restrictions and being dished out hefty fines – but this story truly takes the biscuit.

This is the story of a Peruvian mayor who should’ve known better.

The mayor of Tantara, Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres, has already faced a lot of backlash for his decision making with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But perhaps his most recent stunt is his most controversial yet.

Torres was caught by police breaking lockdown rules recently – however instead of accepting his fate, he… pretended to be dead.

While police were looking for him, Torres hopped into a nearby casket and pretended to be a corpse.

But police quickly realised what was going on and took a few photographs of the undead mayor before arresting him.

Torres and his friends admitted to all being under the influence of alcohol and they were booked for violating curfew and social distancing laws, according to the Evening Standard.

Check out the footage of Torres below:

Maybe next time just stay at home!

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