People Furious After Wendy Williams Mocked Joaquin Phoenix’s Cleft Lip

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Joaquin Phoenix for as long as I can remember but recently he’s been all over the news.

Following the build-up, the anticipation, the release, and the success of Joker, Phoenix has been in the global news pretty much every single day.

And today is no exception however this time it’s not for the best of reasons.

You know Wendy Williams? The American television and radio presenter? Well Wendy went ahead and annoyed a gargantuan amount of people.

Why? Because she ‘mocked’ Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft lip.

It all took place on her show as she spoke about Phoenix’s appearance. At first she complimented him and talked of her piercing eyes.

But things quickly turned insulting when she commented on the scar above his lip, before mimicking a cleft lip for several moments.

To make matters even worse, Williams kept doing her impression of a cleft lip whilst telling the audience she finds him ‘very attractive’ – and people certainly aren’t happy about it.

Phoenix was born with the scar just above his lip. It’s said to be a ‘micro cleft’ which is the mildest form of a cleft lip.

Image Credit: Fox Broadcasting Company / The Wendy Williams Show

One such person is none other than British celebrity Carol Vorderman who tweeted.

The tweet read: 

As Ambassador for Cleft Lip and Palate Association @CLAPACOMMUNITY I really am disgusted by this @wendywilliams. Mimicing a cleft lip, and making a joke about it, is disgraceful. Have you any idea the pain and operations a child with cleft must go through as they grow? Please RT [sic]

What do you think? Did Wendy Williams overstep the line?

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